Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winter "One"derland!

In the midst of the massive amounts of snow that fell in the northeast this winter, a sweet little girl named Annabelle turned one! Her mom planned an adorably themed Winter "One"derland party to match the weather we'd been having!  Such a cute idea!

I had the pleasure of making the baby shower cake for her mom, 30th Birthday Guinness Cupcakes for her dad, and her mini cakes with little angels on top for her christening!  I was so thrilled they asked me to do her 1st birthday cake as well - what an honor!

The cake was a snowy white with silver and pink snowflakes, a snow baby, a snowman and sweet little winter animals!

Snow Baby:

Another one of the snow baby! ;)




And one more pic of the whole cake! ;)

Annabelle's mom sent me a picture of Annabelle sitting on the table next to the cake - it was such a sweet picture!! She looked so happy and proud to be 1 - and she should be! What a milestone!

Happy Birthday Annabelle!!


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  1. That is so absolutely adorable!!!! Great Job!!!



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