Sunday, March 13, 2011

Griswold Christmas Vacation Jersey Cake

"All the kin folk gather round
The lovely Christmas tree
Hearts are glowing full of joy
Sense the gifts that we're giving
And the love that we're living
Why can't it remain
Ohhh all through the year
Each day the same
Heyeah, that's what I wanna hear
I'll tell ya
It's truly amazin
That spirit of Christmas"
-"That Spirit of Christmas", Ray Charles, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"

One of my co-workers turned 30 in January! His sweet wife threw him a surprise party and ordered a cake for him to look like the Clark Griswold jersey from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"! The birthday boy loves that movie and even has his own jersey that he wears around Christmas-time, especially when he's high up on the roof of his house decorating it with lights, ala Clark Griswold, for the neighborhood Christmas light competition!! ;)

The theme of the party was a casino and it was complete with casino tables, professionally run games and even dollar bills with the birthday boy's picture on them, which everyone used to "gamble"! The Happy Birthday sign was written out with fondant poker chips to match the casino theme!

Such a great theme for a 30th birthday party and a very creative design from my client who really thought of a special way to capture the fun spirit of her husband on his 30th birthday! (On a side note, the party was originally scheduled for a week before, but my poor client ended up in the hospital with appendicitis!! Somehow, she managed to keep the party a surprise from the birthday boy, reschedule it for a week later at their house, get him out of the house in order to get all the casino paraphenalia set up and surprise the heck out of him all while recovering from an operation...she is one tough cookie!!) :)

I was so thrilled to hear that he really liked the cake and actually went and put his Griswold jersey on for the rest of the party after seeing it! Loved making this cake and love the family it went to!! Happy 30th Birthday Bryan! And awesome job on the party Siobhan!! You guys rock!


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