Monday, March 28, 2011

Grandma Kelly's 89th Birthday

My husband's grandmother turned an amazing 89 a few weeks ago! The family gathered at Aunt Debbie's house to celebrate her birthday - it was so much fun to have us all together and to sing Happy Birthday to celebrate this woman who is so special to all of us!

Other than the color pink, I was given free license on the decoration of the cake, which was so much fun as I got to try out some new decorating tricks and tools I've been wanting to work on! Here's the cake!

The flower was made by cutting out ovals and using a fondant ball tool to stretch it out and make it more petal-like. Instead of making the flower the technical way with wires and such, I took each petaled oval and placed them on the cake, layering they around each other to create the flower and adding the center of the flower by making a little ball of fondant and creating the little divots in it by using a texture sheet I purchased at NY Cake Supply.

Another fun purchase I made at NY Cake was a crimping tool and a mold/cutter for lace borders. The crimper tool is something I've been DYING to try after seeing the amazing work done by The Caketress in Toronto. It's truly amazing how such a tiny tool can help make such a large statement on a cake. If you haven't seen her work before, you MUST stop by her site!! (links are below).

The lace border mold and cutter makes the band of fondant around the base of a cake tier beg to be noticed - I've noticed it on a lot of wedding cakes of designers I admire lately and was so psyched to finally try it out on a cake where I got to choose the design!

It was truly an honor to make the cake for Grandma Kelly's 89th birthday and it was even more special to spend the day with her and the whole family, with all the kids running around making her chuckle at their craziness - so sweet and such great memories!

Love you Grandma Kelly!! :)


NY Cake Supply
The Caketress



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