Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lightning McQueen 2nd Birthday Cake

My nephew Andrew's 2nd birthday party theme was Lightning McQueen, so the cake was decorated to look like the famous car itself! The best part was seeing Andrew and his brother Luke's faces lighting up when they saw the car. The best complement came from 4 year old Luke who said "You did a really good job on that cake Auntie Tara!". Melted my heart!! :)  Here are some pics:

The cake inside was Betty Crocker's Gluten Free Chocolate - it tasted so delicious, I don't think anyone would have guessed if we hadn't mentioned it! My sis-in-law told me that after we left, Andrew ate the whole fondant spoiler with his name on it...so cute! Love you Andrew! Hope you loved your cake!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Babies Turn ONE!!

A few weeks ago my identical twin boys, Patrick and James, had their 1st birthday - what a proud day for all of us! They've grown so much (26 lbs each!) and have already learned and done so many things (walking, a trip to Disney, appearing as Baby Henry on Guiding Light, going to their 1st Yankee game!) - we're so proud to be parents to such sweet kids! Here are some pics of their first year:

For the birthday party, we had an Elmo theme so I made cupcakes with fondant Elmo faces on top, as well as a few others with a "p", "J" and the "#1" on top in blue and green (the colors we've used to help identify the boys over the last year)!

Digging In! :)The boys annihilated their cupcakes and even managed to take a few bites of the leftover crumbs! We finished up the party with a ride on the nearby carousel for everyone at the party - so much fun!!

It's Element-ary My Dear!

One of my co-workers was planning a party for his brother and needed a cake - we brainstormed about what his brother's interests were and since he's a chemist, we decided to do a cupcakes topped with the elements. When you put the cupcakes together, they form the Periodic Table! I suggested that he keep them separated until his brother arrives and challenge his chemistry skills by asking him to put the elements in the right order!

The cupcakes were vanilla cake and split between chocolate and vanilla frosting, topped with a square of fondant to form the puzzle pieces!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Damask 30th Birthday Cake

This weekend I had a 4 tier cake due - my 1st 4 tier ever! The design was a damask print painted on the cake with chocolate frosting over light blue fondant. I was especially excited about doing this because it was for a co-worker's wife's birthday AND since these are Heavenly Bites signature colors!

I actually was attending the party too, so I actually got to taste the official finished product AND see all the reactions of the guests, host and most importantly, the birthday girl...she loved it! (Phew!) The cake was all red velvet with cream cheese frosting and filling - YUM!!!


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