Thursday, June 24, 2010

Decades and Yankees

Last weekend at Heavenly Bites Cakes I had four cakes due - one was Yankee's themed and the other three were Decades themed.

The first one up was a Yankee themed birthday cake for 7 year old Jason, who is a huge Yankee fan! He was having a Yankee themed party at City Sports in Englewood, NJ.  The cake was covered in white fondant and decorated with navy blue pinstripes...there was a gray circle on top representing the colors of their "away" uniforms. On top of that was a baseball, a bat, a mitt and standing up on top of it all was a navy blue Yankee jersey with Jason's name across the top and the #7 as his jersey number. Unbelievably, I did not take a picture of this cake...I couldn't believe it!  I realized it after I got back in the car after dropping it off. I was so mad at myself for that! Hopefully I'll be able to get a picture from Jason's mom!

Next up was a decades themed block party in Maplewood, NJ. Four people from the neighborhood were celebrating milestone birthdays - 2 people were born in 1970 and were turning 40, 1 person was born in 1960 and was turning 50 and 1 person was born in 1950, turning 60! What a fun way to celebrate!

The cakes that were ordered had fondant figures of the birthday folks, dressed in attire from the decade in which they were born...and the cakes were decorated to represent the decade using historical references. Here they are!



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rockabilly Wedding Cupcake Tower

Wedding Bells were ringing at Heavenly Bites Cakes this past weekend!! I had an order for a Rockabilly theme wedding cupcake tower for an awesome bride and groom who were throwing a really cool reception party for their guests! 

When I first got the order, I wasn't sure what Rockabilly was, so off I went to the internet to educate myself! I did a google image search to get some visuals and found out that "the term “Rockabilly” refers to an early style of rock n roll made popular during the 1950’s. Some popular Rockabilly artists are Elvis Presley & Johnny Cash. In the world of fashion, Rockabilly refers to the clothing styles that were popular during this same time period. Think of Grease (the movie), pin-up girls, and Bettie Paige."  AWESOME!

The bride chose a really fun design of tattoo-like hearts with the word "Love" on them and tiny purple bows for cupcake toppers. For the cake topper decorations, she ordered matching heart tattoo cake toppers with their names on them, roses and a black and white polka dot bow around the base. (inspired by Bella's Cupcakes of New Zealand) Here are the pics!

The cupcakes were red velvet, chocolate and lemon with cream cheese buttercream frosting. The cupcakes with the hearts on them had giant swirls of frosting that the hearts were nestled in. The cupcakes with the purple bows were dipped in buttercream frosting for a smooth finish.

The cake topper was 2 layers of red velvet and 2 layers of chocolate with chocolate ganache filling and cream cheese frosting.

This was such a fun project to work on and I discovered a whole new slew of websites/blogs while researching!! I love learning new things from my clients!! Thanks again for ordering Jen - congrats to you and Dennis and all the best to you in the years to come!! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Do the Monster Mash!

This weekend I had an order for a monster cake for a "Silly Dilly" birthday party - the birthday boy, Dylan (whose nickname is Silly Dilly) was celebrating with a dress up silly party and loved the monster cake picture (by Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes) I had sent as an idea to his mom. They decided to just order the head since the whole monster would've been too much cake.

This cake was SO MUCH FUN to make - it employed techniques I've never used before and I LOVE getting to learn new things!! The cake was chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting and filling. Since it was a silly party, the Dylan's mom asked me to do the letters upside down - such a great idea!

On a technical note, making the fur on the monster required cutting tiny little "v's" into the fondant (not so deep that you'd hit the frosting underneath, but deep enough that you had a little flap to pull up to create the look of the fur) took about an hour and a 1/2...imagine doing the whole body!?!? Also, the construction inside the cake was interesting to design - because I was making a giant head, I was concerned that the top would collapse the bottom of the cake, especially since it was sphere-like, so I put several dowls into the 2 layers on the bottom of the cake with a cakeboard halfway up and then another 2 layers of cake on top.

When I delivered the cake, I got to meet Dylan and his sister Luna, who had made me thank you pictures - the SWEETEST thing ever!!! And Dylan was so excited about the monster cake, he had drawn a picture of it on his chalkboard and it was AWESOME! I got to see some pictures from the party and everyone looked they had an awesome and SILLY time! :) Happy Birthday Dylan! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Backyard Beach (turned Tornado Watch) 4th Birthday Party

My sweet cousin Caroline turned 4 last weekend and I was honored to do the cake for her backyard beach party! Unfortunately, the weather was calling for not only rain and thunderstorms, but also possible tornadoes too! In New JERSEY!!! Fortunately, we only had a thunderstorm and it came after the kids had plenty of pool, slip n slide and swingset time, so they were ready to head inside for some cake!

The cake was yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. It was so fun to see all the kids gather around the table waiting for their slice!  They all sat on towels on the living room floor to make it feel like they were lounging at the beach - the most hilarious part was when one little boy sat down on another kid's slice of cake! haha! Luckily there was plenty to go around, so he got another slice! :)

Happy Birthday Caroline! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Nothing gives me more pleasure than working with a repeat client - it makes me so happy to know that they liked their last order so much that they decided to use my services again!

This past weekend I did the first birthday cupcakes for Rylan - I had done the baby shower for his mom (peapod cupcakes and cake topper) and his christening (angel mini-cakes), so I was thrilled when asked to do his 1st birthday!

His mom planned a Mod Monkey birthday party for him and ordered a monkey cake as well as a cupcake with a mod monkey topper for the birthday boy to smash, smush and eat to celebrate his 1st year!

Here are the pictures!

Happy Birthday Rylan!


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