Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Domo Arigato..."

"...Mister Roboto!"

My sister and I often challenge each other to find a song that goes with any word that comes out of our mouths...sometimes it's a little scary that we can really come up with something for anything!! So I'm going to attempt to do that for each of my cakes! We'll see how it goes! ;)

This cake was ordered by my client for her son Benny's 1st Birthday. She threw an ADORABLE robot party for him!! She found the cutest party set online for modern robots and we designed the cake after one of the cute little guys appearing on the plates and napkins...I loved this cute little guy and had a hard time saying goodbye! ;)

All decorations were made of fondant and the cake got it's shimmery sheen from silver food color airbrushed over the fondant. (Drama! My airbrush broke when I was halfway up the cake! No worries though!!  I just handpainted the other half!)

The cake was carrot cake with caramel buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream decadently delicious!!

Happy 1st Birthday Benny! It was an honor to make this cake for you! :)


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    i'm planning a baby shower soon and the theme is baby robots.... soooo this was amazing :)



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