Friday, July 29, 2011

Yankees vs Red Sox Baby Shower

There's something about the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry...everyone loves to "hate" the other team, but I really do love how many friends and family make the rivalry work in their relationships!

My husband and a college buddy of ours always have texting wars during the games - it's really funny hearing the jibes going back and forth as each team has it's ups and downs! A co-worker of mine is a die-hard Yankee fan and his wife is a die-hard Red Sox fan - they go to each other's games and have a fun time "fighting" over which team their 2 year old son is going to align with! It seems like the cities of both NY and Boston come even more alive than usual when the teams play each other - it's awesome!

This baby shower was planned for a mom and dad to-be highlighting their love of their favorite teams...the Yankee and Red Sox cupcakes (and rattle cookies, which I did NOT get a picture of) were made in perfectly equal amounts so that there was no favoritism! :) The cake had a little fondant baby topper and  Yankee and Red Sox baseball caps as decorations!

Hmmm, I wonder which baseball cap the baby will crawl towards?!?!? ;)

Wishing this sweet family all the happiness in the world as they welcome their little one into the world!



  1. Tara - My sister and her husband loved the cake, cookies and cupcakes. Unfortunately for my sister, I think the red sox are going to win this battle BUT at least Baby Thomas won't be forced to cheer for the Patriots...JETS all the way.

    Thanks for everything! Can't wait to work with you on our joint baptism cake!!! Your work is amazing and so delicious!!!

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