Friday, July 29, 2011

Yankees vs Red Sox Baby Shower

There's something about the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry...everyone loves to "hate" the other team, but I really do love how many friends and family make the rivalry work in their relationships!

My husband and a college buddy of ours always have texting wars during the games - it's really funny hearing the jibes going back and forth as each team has it's ups and downs! A co-worker of mine is a die-hard Yankee fan and his wife is a die-hard Red Sox fan - they go to each other's games and have a fun time "fighting" over which team their 2 year old son is going to align with! It seems like the cities of both NY and Boston come even more alive than usual when the teams play each other - it's awesome!

This baby shower was planned for a mom and dad to-be highlighting their love of their favorite teams...the Yankee and Red Sox cupcakes (and rattle cookies, which I did NOT get a picture of) were made in perfectly equal amounts so that there was no favoritism! :) The cake had a little fondant baby topper and  Yankee and Red Sox baseball caps as decorations!

Hmmm, I wonder which baseball cap the baby will crawl towards?!?!? ;)

Wishing this sweet family all the happiness in the world as they welcome their little one into the world!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rattle & Carriage Cookies {Baby Shower}

A short, but sweet post...

These sweet baby rattle and carriage sugar cookies were created for a darling baby shower in May...

Pink & white and flowers - could anything be more girly and sweet! :)


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holy Bible Communion Cake

This bible cake was made for Cian, who made his First Communion in May! He actually chose the design of the cake - so cute! And his mom chose the perfect verse to display on the open pages!

I have made a number of cakes for this sweet family, and was so excited to do the cake for Cian's communion - such a special occasion!

I remember making my first communion so many years ago, like it was yesterday! As a kid, you feel like such a grownup finally getting to walk up and receive communion - I definitely recall every moment of that ceremony! Such a big and serious moment for a child!!

God Bless Cian!


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