Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cakes in July

The last few weeks have been so busy with work, cakes and vacation, so this is the first chance I'm getting to post!

Wine Theme Bridal Shower Cake

A few weeks ago, I was asked to do a bridal shower cake for a wine themed party. The bottom tier was 3 layers of chocolate cake with raspberry filling between one layer and white chocolate filling between the other layers and frosted with white chocolate frosting. The top tier was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

The cakes were covered with ivory fondant and I used champagne colored pearl dust to achieve a marbelized look. The grapes bunches were made of fondant as were the beads around the base of each tier.

Beach Ball 2nd Birthday Cake

This past weekend, I had a beach ball cake due for a 2nd birthday party. This was a really fun cake to make, especially because it was a sculpted cake and I got to get creative with the sea creatures that lived in the ocean at the base of the cake!

The base cake and one of the ball cakes were made with vanilla cake with vanilla pudding filling. The base cake had white chocolate frosting and the ball cake had dark chocolate frosting. The second ball cake was devils food cake with chocolate pudding and white chocolate frosting.

This was the first cake I've ever painted on and I have to say, I loved it! I was nervous as I started, because I felt if I messed up, I'd have to pull off the fondant and recover the cakes...but it turned out to be great to work with the food coloring paint and create an ocean-like quality on the base cake. Painting the beach balls was awesome too.

I hand sculpted the sea creatures and added the delicious graham cracker sand and after 15 hours of work, was SO excited with how this came out!


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