Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yankee Stadium Cake

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to make a Yankee stadium cake for a 1st birthday party - I was pretty excited to try it! I'm including pictures of the was a yellow cake with raspberry filling, vanilla frosting, and covered with fondant. After baking the cakes, filling and stacking them, I carved the cakes into the shape of the new Yankee Stadium. Next, I carved out the center of the stadium - to be honest, I couldn't believe how easy it went!

I then frosted the cake, rolled out the fondant, and (expecting a big struggle to get the fondant over the cake without cracking) got the fondant on and smoothed down in ONE attempt! I was really excited. :) My twin boys and husband were napping, so unfortunately I had no one to share my excitement with - haha - so I waited until my husband woke up and came in to check on the then I felt like I could be cool and professional about it, so when he opened the fridge and was like "Wow! It looks great!" I was able to say "Aww, thanks!" But inside I was beaming with cake dork pride ;)

I had made all the signs for the stadium the night before, so I was able to start attaching those to the outfield fence right away. I laid out the field in green fondant, the bases and baselines in white, and finally a black fondant base for the stands. I used confetti sprinkles for people - that was really time consuming getting all those on there! But I loved how it looked when it was finished.

I finished off by adding the "YANKEE STADIUM" sign out front and adding the tall archways that appear on the new stadium as well...and couldn't believe I was finished! Hope you like how it turned out!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Heavenly Bites Cakes

A website is nice, but a blog is so much more personal! I've decided to start one for Heavenly Bites Cakes so that everyone can get to know the behind-the-scenes action and how my cakes come together!

To elaborate on who I am, I'm Tara Kelly - the owner, baker, decorator of Heavenly Bites Cakes! I'm the mother of twin boys (9 months old this week!) and wife of an awesome, sweet and supportive husband...I work full time for a cable news ad sales division in client service, but make time for what was a really fun hobby and is now becoming a thriving business at night after work and after the babies head off to dreamland!

Heavenly Bites Cakes began as a small idea in my mind put there by family and friends who, after my sister and I took cake decorating classes for fun, said that I should really consider cake decorating as a business. I laughed it off for a long time, but really came to enjoy learning new decorating tricks and found myself researching "how to" do something for cakes a lot!

One night, when I realized the huge satisfaction I got from laying fondant over a cake and getting no wrinkles at the edges for the first time, I realized I was a huge cake dork and denying it any further would just be foolish! :) So I made myself a website ( and some business cards, got a few gigs from friends and acquaintances, started building a portfolio and sooner than I imagined, Heavenly Bites Cakes was born!

I've had a lot of laughs, long nights, aching feet, and great satisfaction as each order has been made and delivered, so now I want to share it all with you out there - whoever might be interested! :)
Stay tuned for posts about my latest cakes!


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