Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Superhero/Star Wars Birthday Party & Replica Ibanez Guitar Cake

Whew! What a weekend! There was lots of research, baking, color mixing and decorating going on at Heavenly Bites!  This weekend I had Superhero/Star Wars themed sugar cookies AND a replica of an Ibanez guitar cake due! They were both a lot of fun to make and required lots of research, pictures and prep.

The Superhero/Star Wars cookies were for James - a birthday boy who didn't want to choose between two themes for his party...I wouldn't have wanted to either! Who wants to wait another year so you could have your other theme? I love the combo idea!! :)  So for party favors, I was asked to make sugar cookies keeping both themes in mind...so I made the Superman and Batman logos AND R2-D2 and Yoda cookies! "Yummy, they were!" ;)

Next up was the replica Ibanez Electric Guitar Cake - one of my college roomates wanted to suprise her nephew who just turned 20 with a cake made to look like the guitar he plays in his Philly band. I was so psyched to take on this project! I really love getting a sculpted cake because it becomes so technical and I love working hard to make the cake look exactly like the real object. I did a lot of research on the Ibanez website to get a good picture of the guitar in the same color combination as the picture they sent me of and made a large blown up version of the cake on paper so I could be sure to get the right size cake board and to be sure I got all the measurements right!  I was really psyched with the result!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

This past weekend Heavenly Bites took part in its first charity event - a benefit for homeless families in Bergen County, NJ through the Interreligious Fellowship for the Homeless.  So proud to be taking part in this event for a very worthy cause, we made 100 cupcakes and provided a Baker's Basket for the silent auction which included cookbooks, a cupcake stand, baking utensils, a $250 gift certificate towards Heavenly Bites as well as a handcrafted cupcake apron by Pretty it Up!

The benefit had a tennis theme, so the cupcakes were topped with tennis balls, tennis rackets and flowers as well! 

The Bakers Basket

I was so excited to hear from my friend Erin who asked me to participate in the event that the cupcakes were a big hit and was totally honored to hear that she kept bidding on my basket so that she could win the Heavenly Bites Cakes gift card! Can't wait to decorate her future cake!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Curious George takes the cake!

Hi everyone!  Two weeks ago, I was asked to make this Curious George cake for a 1st birthday party - and what a party it was!! I heard Curious George himself showed up to the festivities! The mom and dad of the birthday boy threw an amazing party for him, complete with homemade monkey cupcakes, chocolate covered bananas and pretzels, seating cards in the shape of bananas hung from adorable little palm trees! I am going to this mom to plan my kids next birthday party!! :)

The cake was 2 tiers - the bottom was vanilla cake, nutella filling and vanilla frosting and the top was chocolate cake, nutella filling and vanilla frosting.  All decorations were handcrafted with fondant and gumpaste.


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