Friday, October 29, 2010

Yankee Hat Cake - 75th Birthday

I'm sad that this might be my last Yankee hat cake this year since their season is over! :( But it was a lot of fun to make this cake - my client requested it for her mom's 75th birthday!! Such an amazing milestone! What an honor to make the cake for such a special occasion!

The cake was layers of vanilla and chocolate cake, with chocolate buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. My client requested a few flowers be added to the cake to give it a little more of a girly feel...I love how the red pops! :)

Happy 75th Birthday Marilyn!!


  1. Even though I'm a Red Sox fan this cake is AMAZING!! lol
    Love your work!

  2. Great cakes! I found you on DiD, stop by EEAD when you get a chance (following you now):



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