Monday, October 11, 2010

Luis Vuitton Diaper Bag Cake

I don't get it, one of my FAVORITE cakes ever, and I forgot to make a blog post about it?!? I definitely posted it on Facebook and Flickr, but it must've been one crazy summer to make me forget to blog about this cake!

This Luis Vuitton diaper bag cake was made for one of my work colleague's baby shower this past summer! Her sister was so sweet and contacted me asking for this awesome design! I was so psyched to be doing my first purse cake and was thrilled with the results!

The toughest part about making this cake was actually not the purse details, like the handles, pockets or the was the mini LV's all over the purse! They did take a long time to draw on there, mainly because in the dead heat of summer, no matter how high the AC was, the fondant kept sweating! So the edible marker wouldn't work in certain spots. I think it took a total of 4 hours to finish all the little LV's...but honestly, it was so worth it! I love this cake!

If you read the post prior to this one, you know that the mama-to-be has already had her sweet little angel, David! I was so excited to be asked to do the cake for her baby shower and christening...truly, one of the best parts of cake decorating is playing a small part in the happiness of the special occasions of my clients. It's so awesome!!

Can't wait for the next special event!! :)

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