Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Baby is born

This adorable crib cake was ordered for a mom-to-be...who is now officially a MOM!! Baby Kyla joined us on this earth today!! Happy Birthday to Kyla! And congrats to mom and dad!! :)

The cake was inspired by a GORGEOUS creation by Andrea Dozier who is an amazing photographer, but also happens to have a background decorating cakes...her version of this cake is a KNOCKOUT!!  The client found a picture of her cake and asked for a similar cake, with a few variations and for it to serve a larger number of people...

The rails were made out of gumpaste and were SUPER-delicate...I didn't feel comfortable driving the cake with them attached, so I put them on when I got there!

The cake itself was yellow cake with a layer of nutella filling and another layer of cannoli cream. (I was super sad to find out later that my cannoli cream sank into the cake, so there was really no filling in that section of the cake!! It's such a finicky filling! But I was really glad they told me so that I could work on getting it right - I've since found an amazing cannoli cream recipe and adapted it to be my own. It got great reviews when I used it, so I feel much better about it now!!)


Wishing all the best to Anna & Catalin on the birth of their daughter Kyla...god bless!! :)



  1. What a precious cake! Love all the little details!

  2. Do you buy fondant or do you make your own? Your blanket and pillows look like real fabric, so perfect!

  3. Your cakes are AMAZING!!! WOW!!

  4. Hi Kenni and Angela! Thank you so much for your comments!

    Kenni - I use Satin Ice fondant - it's my favorite to work with!



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