Friday, April 15, 2011

Small, but Sweet!

A small, but ever so sweet cake...this was created for a birthday girl who celebrated her special day by throwing her friend a farewell party! How sweet is that?!? Julie was one of the masterminds behind the NY to San Francisco party and her co-party planner sneakily planned a birthday surprise for her by ordering this cake!

Light pink fondant covered a red velvet cake with vanilla filling and frosting. It was topped with a large fantasy flower and dark chocolate fondant beads...delivered alongside it's buddy cake to Dublin 6 in NYC! :)

Happy Birthday Julie!



  1. Omg. I'm in love with that flower. Beautiful Cake!

  2. Hi Tara--I adore your beautiful cakes! And I enjoy your blog and am so glad I found it! I've given you a blogger award (your choice!) that you can pick up here:

  3. Thank you Haniela!

    Jill, thank you so much - I am so honored!!

  4. Yeah I agree that it is small but very sweet cake. The decoration is very cute. My twin’s recently turned one and we threw a cute rainbow themed birthday bash for them at one of the localvenues in Chicago. We also had a beautiful rainbow cake which was designed superbly.



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