Saturday, February 5, 2011

"ooh-weeeeeee, ooh-weee-eee, a-weee bum bum buh-wayyyy!"

"In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...."

I've been DYING to make a safari animal cake basically since I started making cakes because I think fondant animals are just the cutest things when Jen asked me to make the 1st birthday cake for her adorable son Andrew, I was THRILLED! Here it is - 3 tiers of sweet safari goodness!!

Here's a closeup of the elephant and the hippo peeking his head out of the pond...

The zebra...

The monkey...who, for some reason, I thought would look extra cute doing the "Home Alone" hands on the face thing...hahaha...

The king of the jungle and the cutie giraffe peeking through the leaf canopy!

For favors, Jen asked me to make sugar cookies with animal faces on they are! The lion, the monkey and the elephant were wrapped individually for guests to take home with them...

Jen is one of my most frequent and awesome client's - I had the pleasure of making her wedding cake, baby shower cupcakes, Andrew's christening cake and now his 1st birthday...being along for the ride as this family grows together makes me so happy to be a cake decorator!! :) Congrats to you guys!! ;)





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