Monday, February 14, 2011

"& Hearts"

So many people on Facebook write "& Hearts" at the end of their status updates...I am so out of the loop on slang and online abbreviations...I still refuse to write 'LOL"!! I don't know why! :) If someone could tell me what "& hearts" means, I'd appreciate the lesson! Hahaha! (see?!?!)

For Valentine's Day, I was so excited to hear from Kate of The Shopping Mama fame who was the winner of a giveaway I took part in last year on an awesome website A Few of My Favorite Things by Danielle, also a mom of twins!  Kate decided to use her prize to order Valentine's Day cookies for her son to bring into school and share with his SWEET!!

She showed me the adorable dinosaur heart prints she was going have screened onto little bags (see pic here and become a fan if you aren't already! Facebook Shopping Mama) so we decided to use the colors in the prints on the and green, with some red accents. A perfect boy version of Valentine's hearts!!

I wish my camera had been able to pick up on the edible disco dust - it gave the cookies a sparkle!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day celebrating the friends and family that you love!! & Hearts (did I use that correctly?!?) haha!

Love to you all!!


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