Monday, August 2, 2010

The Dark Side of Cake

Happy Monday all! This past weekend at Heavenly Bites Cakes, the Dark Side took over our kitchen and Darth Vader made an the form of a delicious cake!

This was a cake ordered by a mom in Maplewood, NJ for her son Hudson's birthday party. They also ordered cupcakes with light saber fondant decorations on top!

As decorating commenced, my husband and I could not stop ourselves from walking around humming the Darth Vader theme music "Bah, bah, bah, bum, bah, bah...bum, bah, bahhhhhh..." and the usual Darth Vader quotes of "Luke, I am your faaaatherrrrr" and "The force is strong with this one..." - since a number of our freshman year of college weekends were spent watching the Star Wars trilogy, this was a fun cake to work on that brought back a lot of memories! :)

The cake was a chocolate with vanilla filling and frosting - who knew Darth Vader could be so sweet! The cupcakes were vanilla cake with a vanilla frosting swirl and topped with fondant light sabers!

The whole family came to the door to see the cake when I delivered it and it was so great to see their reactions!!  Happy Birthday Hudson!

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