Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Cake

A colleague of mine, (Kathleen!) asked me to do the birthday cake for her friend Pam! The birthday girl's friends all pitched in with things that made them think of Pam - so sweet! So we created little fondant pieces of flair to add to the cake using all the ideas they came up with!

This was the front of the cake! There's a  fleur-di-lis on top, made out of dark chocolate - the birthday girl loves this symbol and has it as a part of the decor in her house. You can see a bottle of Grey Goose, flips flops representing a love of summertime, a sea lion representing a trip to Atlantis and you can sort of see a horse there in the shadow representing an annual NJ horse race, The Hunt!

This is the back of the cake where you can see a chef's hat, sneakers representing a walking club, a glass of red wine, a Peyton Manning jersey and a Colt's helmet, playing cards and dice, representing Atlantic City and you can sort of see the Tiffany bag in the shadow there, representing a love of shopping!

Here are some close-ups of some of the pieces of flair!

My favorite piece - the horse! I didn't want to put this with the cake once it was finished! :) Of course, I did though and later found out that by the end of the party, the horse was wearing the chef hat! Sounds like it was an awesome party! :)

Playing cards and dice, representing Atlantic City.

The Peyton Manning jersey and Colts helmet!

The Grey Goose bottle!

The Tiffany shopping bag!

Happy Birthday Pam!!! Hope it was a wonderful day!

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