Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With You, The Force Will Be!

This past weekend I made a Yoda cake for my nephew Luke's 5th birthday - I was so happy to see that he really liked it! But even cuter, younger brother Andrew kept going back over to the cake table to chat with Yoda during the party - LOVE IT!!!

Star Wars is HUGE for younger kids these days, thanks to the Clone Wars cartoon I believe...but most kids have seen the movies by the age of 5 too! I love it because Star Wars has such an amazing storyline - good vs evil - and such lovable characters like Yoda...I love that a whole new generation is going to be obsessed with these movies too! :)  Here is the cake! Yellow cake with chocolate frosting & filling.

I have a giant picture of Yoda hung up in my kitchen now that I had been using to work off of to get his facial features as close as possible...and instead of being scared of him, my kids (almost 2) LOVE him!! They go into the kitchen and say hi to him all the time...and say "Byeeeee!!" several times as they're walking out of the kitchen...then they'll go back in to make sure he's still there.  So funny how they can see he's one of the good guys! :)  I guess the picture will be up in my kitchen for awhile now!

Happy Birthday Luke - love you!!!

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