Saturday, December 22, 2012

Baby it's Cold Outside! {Cable Knit Sweater Cake}

Merry (3 days before) Christmas dear readers!! I hope this holiday season finds you well and that you're all taking time to enjoy special moments with the ones that you hold dear!

With only a few days to go before Christmas, I actually had a moment to stop and think about the past few weeks and wonder if I've done all the things I wanted to do to make the season feel as special for my 4 year old sons as my parents did for me when I was growing up...My husband and I did a lot more house decorating this year than we have since the boys were born (which still isn't enough for my kids who brood over the neighbor's awesome candy canes, light-up snowman, and blowup characters every time we come home at night and see the lights.)  What's the matter kids? Classic white lights, red bows and garland aren't up your alley?!?

Have you all been sucked into Pinterest this year? Have you created boards and boards of adorable holiday DIY projects hoping that you'll have the chance to wow your friends and family with your creative genius?!? Me too!!

Have you gotten a chance to get to any of those projects?? No? Haha, me neither! I don't know why - I mean how hard would it be to print out some cute subway art sayings and put them in a frame for display?! That would be the easiest form of creativity, but even that seemed to elude me this holiday season! Just getting up the lights and the tree were an event for my husband and I.

Sweet printable from Simply Klassic Home
As I convinced myself the other day that what we were able to do is just fine, one particular DIY wreath was still on my mind. It really caught my eye and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I saw it and wishing I could get up enough time to find material to make it for our home. This crafty blogger (The Graphics Fairy) took the sleeves off of an old cable knit sweater and glued it around a straw wreath form and attached a fabric flower - completely gorgeous!

I knew I wasn't going to have time to run to Joann's to buy some fabric and materials, but I was really into the whole cable knit design and decided to see if I could put the design into mini cake form...I loved the result!

A simple task of using a pastry cutter to create lines and then a wavy crimper to create the cable knit design, this cake came together really quickly and is adding a festive and creative touch to my kitchen this holiday season!

Here's to a wonderful holiday for everyone and may the new year bring you many joys and blessings.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



For anyone interested in the wreath tutorial, click through right here. It really looks pretty simple! I have high hopes for January or February...maybe a nice winter themed or Valentine's Day wreath!?

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