Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mickey & Minnie Cupcakes {Twins 2nd Birthday}

A sweet set of twins turned two in May and their mom threw an adorable Mickey & Minnie themed birthday party for them! I had the honor of making their Elmo 1st birthday cake last year, and was so thrilled to be called back for their 2nd birthday!

She loved the idea of cupcakes with toppers with the classic silhouette of mouse ears and for each one to be decorated as either Mickey or Minnie. I also made some Mickey Mouse gloves too!

I loved how cartoonish the hands looked, designed after the picture on the cookie cutter set that I made these with! :)

The cupcakes were a mix of peanut butter chocolate with white chocolate buttercream and yellow cake with white chocolate buttercream...delish!! :)

Happy birthday to Maddie & Zach!!

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