Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue & Brown Communion Cake

I made this cake for my adorable cousin/godson James (Jay) Gregory who made his communion this past May.

I was so honored to make this cake for him and was so excited to be able to attend the ceremony at church to see him make his communion! (My husband stayed home with the twins so they could have their nap before the party, so I had the rare opportunity to pay full attention to everything going on at church! Thanks for that dawl*!)  He looked so grown up and serious in his suit and did an amazing job of speaking when it was his turn to read intentions - brought a tear to my eye!! I can only imagine what I'll be like when it's my own kids up there!

Here is the cake,  made to match the colors of his invitation - my aunt wanted something sleek and simple and this was perfect! :)

God Bless Jay! The sweetest cousin/godson anyone could ask for AND a top notch babysitter to my boys at our family parties! :) Love you Jay!

Inside Info:
*dawl - nickname my husband and I have for each other, adopted after seeing the movie "What Women Want". It cracked me up that Delta Burke and "Miss Tessbacher" were the secretaries to Mel Gibson in that movie and how they called him "dawl" all the time...Love it!

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