Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There's a Shark in the Water!

Last weekend, I was asked to make a shark cake for a sweet little boy's 4th birthday party - so fun!  The result was this GIANT shark cake that I could barely fit in the fridge! :)  Good thing I measured!!

I love that he's smiling - haha! The cake was chocolate with cannoli filling and chocolate buttercream frosting - yum!!

The cake was delivered to a beautiful apartment overlooking the Flatiron District in NYC.  I got to meet the birthday boy who was all set for his party - such a cutie!!

Happy Birthday Cristian!!


  1. WHAT!!! My hubby would loose his mind if he saw that! He is OBSESSED with sharks! This is FREAKING AWESOME!!!! :)

  2. Wahoo!!! Thanks so much! You just made my day! :)

  3. Oh Wow that shark cake is amazing :0)

  4. This cake is amazing! You are very talented.



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