Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink Elephant Cookies

Ooof! What a neglectful blogger I've been the past few weeks! My sincere apologies to my wonderful readers - hope you haven't forgotten me! I certainly haven't forgotten you all - it's just been a crazy 2 weeks full of exciting cake adventures, new orders coming in, a major delivery schedule, plus some sick kiddos in the mix (poor little munchkins!). I'll do a quick blog post tonight about these adorable pink elephant cookies and will do some more blogging tomorrow to tell you more about what's been happening and what's to come! :)

These cookies were made as favors for a baby shower on Staten Island this past weekend.  The mom-to-be is a friend of mine from grade school - her sister reached out to me for these cookie favors which she wanted to be made to match the ADORABLE invitations she got from!

I was super-psyched when I saw them and couldn't wait to get started!  Here they are!

The toughest ones to do was the hot pink elephant. The design was handpainted on there and took about 4 hours for 20 cookies! It was so worth it though - I love how they looked!  Here is a bunch of my faves all together:

Don't get me wrong, I loved these little guys too though! :)

Delivering the cookies was the best because I got to see my friend's mom and sister who I hadn't seen in years - their delight over the cookies was so rewarding and I was so psyched to hear that everyone, including the mom-to-be, liked them! :)

"they were absolutely ADORABLE! and delicious too! thanks so much for making them!! xo"
"they were great Tara!!! everyone loved them:)))"


  1. Nice work! Those hand-painted ones are exquisite. I can really see all the hours of work you put into them; it really shows!

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!



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