Monday, June 14, 2010

Do the Monster Mash!

This weekend I had an order for a monster cake for a "Silly Dilly" birthday party - the birthday boy, Dylan (whose nickname is Silly Dilly) was celebrating with a dress up silly party and loved the monster cake picture (by Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes) I had sent as an idea to his mom. They decided to just order the head since the whole monster would've been too much cake.

This cake was SO MUCH FUN to make - it employed techniques I've never used before and I LOVE getting to learn new things!! The cake was chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting and filling. Since it was a silly party, the Dylan's mom asked me to do the letters upside down - such a great idea!

On a technical note, making the fur on the monster required cutting tiny little "v's" into the fondant (not so deep that you'd hit the frosting underneath, but deep enough that you had a little flap to pull up to create the look of the fur) took about an hour and a 1/2...imagine doing the whole body!?!? Also, the construction inside the cake was interesting to design - because I was making a giant head, I was concerned that the top would collapse the bottom of the cake, especially since it was sphere-like, so I put several dowls into the 2 layers on the bottom of the cake with a cakeboard halfway up and then another 2 layers of cake on top.

When I delivered the cake, I got to meet Dylan and his sister Luna, who had made me thank you pictures - the SWEETEST thing ever!!! And Dylan was so excited about the monster cake, he had drawn a picture of it on his chalkboard and it was AWESOME! I got to see some pictures from the party and everyone looked they had an awesome and SILLY time! :) Happy Birthday Dylan! 

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