Friday, May 7, 2010

The Cookie Bandit

While making the duck sugar cookies last weekend, I was taking a break and letting the frosting on the cookies harden up before packaging them, so I left them on a giant cutting board on top of the stove.  I had made 25 cookies for a 24 cookie order and saved the rest of the dough.

My sister had just brought Patrick & James back from an outing with her and we were was playing games with them in the living room.  Patrick disappeared into the kitchen for a minute and since nothing was baking in the stove, I didn't mind.  After a minute, we were like "hmmm, he's too quiet in there" sister walks into the kitchen and all I hear was "OH MY GOD!!!!" and start hysterical laughing and Patrick comes tearing out of the kitchen as she is chasing him down...

He had reached up to where the cookies were and grabbed TWO off the edge of the tray! When my sister walked in (I crack up every time I hear her telling what he looked like) he turned quickly and looked at her like "Uh-oh, I'm busted!!" and then started shoving the cookies into his mouth!!! She was able to grab one away from him, but he got away with the other and that's when I saw him tearing out of the kitchen with my sister in pursuit yelling "He's got a cookie!!"

The Cookie Bandit eating his prize! :)

I've never seen my child run so fast or dodge getting caught by either one of us - he could've been picked up by a pro football team after that performance! By the time we caught him, all that was left was the head of the duck - we were in shock that he could've eaten the rest of it that fast! In the meantime, my husband walks in from work and we're trying to control ourselves telling the story of the cookie bandit...

All of a sudden James walks by with a cookie in HIS hand!!  We lost it thinking that he had gotten another cookie off the tray that I had moved, but it turns out he cleverly found the piece of cookie that Patrick had dropped when we were chasing him - boy did he make out!! :)

I had to make one more cookie later that night...haha! That'll teach me to make MORE extras the first time!! :)

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