Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet Shades of Purple

My sister-in-law Karen's (mom to Jake, who turned 1 this past weekend!) birthday was last week and I wanted to make her a cake too to celebrate! Karen has been ULTRA-supportive of my cake decorating venture, referring me to tons of her friends and local moms in Hoboken, NJ and I couldn't be more grateful for her support! THANK YOU SIL!! :)

I decided to make her a fun cake in different shades of purple...why purple? I remembered her telling me a story about a purple dress she had purchased to wear to my boys christening and how excited she was about the for some reason that stuck with me and I decided purple would be the colors of her cake!

The cake was devils food with vanilla buttercream and filling and covered in fondant. The circles around the base, on top of the cake and the large flower were all fondant as well! I was super excited about how the circles looked around the base and was pleased with the flower (even though there were some cracks in it!)

Happy Birthday you!

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