Friday, October 9, 2009

My Babies Turn ONE!!

A few weeks ago my identical twin boys, Patrick and James, had their 1st birthday - what a proud day for all of us! They've grown so much (26 lbs each!) and have already learned and done so many things (walking, a trip to Disney, appearing as Baby Henry on Guiding Light, going to their 1st Yankee game!) - we're so proud to be parents to such sweet kids! Here are some pics of their first year:

For the birthday party, we had an Elmo theme so I made cupcakes with fondant Elmo faces on top, as well as a few others with a "p", "J" and the "#1" on top in blue and green (the colors we've used to help identify the boys over the last year)!

Digging In! :)The boys annihilated their cupcakes and even managed to take a few bites of the leftover crumbs! We finished up the party with a ride on the nearby carousel for everyone at the party - so much fun!!

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