Monday, August 17, 2009

Kids Stuff!

The past 2 weeks have been a lot of fun - I had two orders for kids cakes/cupcakes where I really got to experiment with making fondant and gumpaste animals. It was really fun!

Can you tell me how to Sesame Street?

First up was a Sesame Street themed 1st birthday cake for my best friend's son Matthew. I was so psyched to do this cake for them, 1) because Matthew is a little cutiepie and 2) because I can't believe my best friend from high school and I are now at the point in our lives where we're going to our CHILDREN's birthday parties!!

The 3 tier cake was all yellow cake with vanilla filling and frosting. It was decorated all in primary colors with beading around the base of each tier and there was a Sesame Street character on each level - Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Oscar. We also made a smash cake for Matthew in the form of a giant cupcake!

The Smash Cake

Jungle Boogie, Jungle Boogie...

Next up was my nephew's 4th birthday! He had a jungle themed party in a park in Hoboken - the perfect location and a beautiful day! We made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla frosting. For the kids at the party, each had a choice of a cupcake with a fondant jungle animal face - there were lions, tigers, elephants & monkeys to choose from. For the adults, there was a giant swirl of frosting on top. A little melty in the August heat, but it's my opinion that everyone should be licking their fingers at the tail end of eating a cupcake anyway! :)

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